Advanced Management Tools For Information Protection

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ACL Dominator is a vibrant reporting and administration application for data source and mailboxes. Advanced reviews can help Domino Administrators to cope with security issues, maximize machine performance, prepare for a immigration and improve overall network security. This enables Get Control Lists ( ACLs ) to be conveniently monitored and maintained above each and every one IBM Dominospiel systems, and also, analyze comprehensive report on mailbox guidelines, access consent and user profile information. ACL is a component of the Lively Directory Program Object Model. Users may specify guidelines for permissions and prevent users from performing certain operations including creating, modifying, or deleting files, websites, or various other objects relating to the system.

A flexible reporting capacity for ACL Dominator allows this to be included with other Ms Management Systems and sources such as MS SQL, ODBC, and Crystal Reports. The Statement Wizard allows users select a report formatting such as HTML, CSV, or domino directory groups XML. The Sorcerer displays almost all related actions and records, including rules that have been enforced, users which have exceeded accord, user teams that have been specified, and the current ACL state. In addition , the tool can make a custom security policy and save this in the Computer registry. This ability allows you to any variety of intricate reports in order to gain a detailed enjoy of your security policies and their effect on the security of your network.

Another benefit for ACL Dominator is that it works extremely well in conjunction with various other Microsoft Management System (MS MBMS) products just like Microsoft Exchange Web server (MES). With the products installed on the workstations, you may create tailor made policies and rules intended for access control. For companies with multiple locations and departments, you should use the same software for all of them. This characteristic of ACL Dominator permits you to prevent protection breaches with the local, local, and world-wide level. Users can also build a policy to dam suspicious Net activity and prevent searching for of articles from certain sites.

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