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Please note that the number of seats available for Eurail Pass holders is limited on InterCitè de Nuit trains. We advise you to reserve these trains as soon as possible during peak season and public holidays. Morocco is the perfect post-Brexit escape if you’re looking to spend three months out of the Schengen area. To enjoy your motorhome or campervan tour, planning and preparation is critical. Mealtimes are revered in Spain, as much about the time spent socialising at the table, as the food. Whether you like it or not, bullfighting is a huge part of Spanish life and culture.

From the open-top Самые простые европейские Мандрівник Сподін Ігор Юрійович страны по железной дороге deck of a distinctive double-decker bus, see the impressive monuments of the Catalonian capital and disembark whenever an attraction captures your attention. Explore both the East and West route to admire the medieval charm of Las Ramblas and see the sandy stretch of Port Olimpic. Marvel at the architectural magnificence of Gaudi buildings and feel awe-inspired by the famous F.C.

  • This evening marks the end of our memorable journey through the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Spanish newspaper El País tells in a story the experience of one of its journalists from Madrid to Sevilla, a 520km journey, with a Nissan Leaf.
  • I would recommend you browse through Skyscanner or Expedia to find all the cheap flights from where you live to Spain and compare them so that you can find the one best fit for your itinerary.
  • The major pan-European rail passes are only worth considering if you’re visiting the country as part of a wider European tour.

Governments are useless at controlling markets and, if I can switch to the example of local buses now, the usage of buses in Spain is very poor compared to the United Kingdom. In a study I undertook comparing Denia and Great Yarmouth , the buses in Great Yarmouth were used nine times as much. So you are knowledgeable and there have been as many bus crashes in the UK and the dead go into double figures on many occasions? The following day the same bus arrived back in Andorra and the cash was returned in full by the bus driver/company – after they went to some effort to find her.

Travelling Spain By Road

What’s more is that you can indulge in so many experiences around the country, including informative post their cuisines and exploring the heritage sites, there’s always room for more. Transportation might be slightly more expensive in Greece because most tourists are dependent on the ferry network or domestic flights to travel between islands. Trains and buses are the preferred mode of transportation in Spain.

Once you arrive in Aranjuez, depending on which itinerary you have chosen, you can visit places such as the Palace or the gardens, or climb aboard a boat or sightseeing bus-train. Still in the north of Spain, for three days and nights this train offers a journey through the nature and culture of the area, for the most part following the Camino de Santiago or St James’ Way. The Bilbao and León itinerary is a journey usually offered in July, September and October.

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If you need a visa for the Schengen Zone, you will have to apply beforehand. However, you do need to take into consideration any time you spend in other Schengen countries before or after your time in Spain. Most major non-European passports (Canadian, America, Australian, etc.) can stay in the Schengen Zone without a visa for up to 90 days within a span of 180 total days.

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A total of 19 of these villages of small white houses are in the area around the Grazalema Nature Reserve. Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra are two others worth seeing. A good base in the region is Jerez de la Frontera, home of flamenco and Andalucian thoroughbreds. Watch these horses’ precision ballet at the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art, and for authentic flamenco, visit Centro Cultural Flamenco. Strolling along La Rambla on a summer evening, you might think that every single one of Barcelona’s inhabitants was there with you.

While it is famous for its pounding nightlife and summer club scene which attract world-renowned DJs to its shores, the island actually has many other different sides. Celebrated as one of the most important architectural works of its time, the Guggenheim Museum now shines as Bilbao’s city symbol. Besides this, there are the wonderful remains of a Moorish fortress, as well as a remarkably well-preserved bridge, aqueduct, and hippodrome – all of which were built by the Romans. In addition, there are some lovely Baroque and Gothic churches scattered around town, as well as interesting and informative museums showcasing the city’s rich history.

This is an ideal crossing if time is of the essence, or you’re travelling with a dog but cabins and kennel places book up quickly. The European Rail Timetable has train & ferry times for every country in Europe plus currency & climate information. It is essential for regular European train travellers and an inspiration for armchair travellers.

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