What credit score do I need to be approved for car finance?

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For instance, Equifax’s scoring system allows for a score between 0-700 – with the UK average being around 380. You’ve got an excellent credit rating – so you should have no problem – right? With this in mind, a score of 550 would be good with Equifax – but lower than average with TransUnion. Let’s say you earn £1,600 each month and you’re looking to buy a new Ford Ka on a PCP deal.

Let’s consider an example: If it sounds complicated – it’s because it is. So, if you earn £2,000 per month, you simply will not be able to get the finance, regardless of your credit rating. For example, there are fewer lenders who could provide https://cars45.com.gh/listing/mercedes-benz/gle-class/2016 funding for an imported classic American vehicle – compared to the number who could help you buy a new Ford Focus from a UK retailer. The problem is, different credit reference agencies use slightly different scoring systems. When you’re considering cars, you might want to check that you can comfortably afford the payment – alongside other life costs, like your accommodation, household bills, credit repayments, and so forth.

With those two examples, you can see how someone with an excellent credit rating can be refused finance – and someone with a less than average credit rating can potentially get finance fairly easily. Well, that might be the case – but with a monthly HP payment that’s likely to well exceed £3,000, affordability might be a problem.

What credit score do I need to be approved for car finance?


p>Before applying for a loan, people often want to know what credit score is needed to buy a car on finance. At Car.co.uk, we work with a large panel of lenders who can provide finance for a huge range of people and vehicles. A lender will consider these factors when deciding if you can realistically afford the car you’re hoping for, so giving your finances a little health check is a good idea before you fill out an application. Pick a vehicle that lenders will be happy to finance – or, track down specialist lenders if you’ve got your eye on something a little more unusual.

This works the other way around too: Here, we’ll explore credit scores in a little more depth – and offer some advice that’ll help you make sure your chance of being accepted is as high as possible. Ultimately, a credit rating only really gives a lender an idea of how you’ve conducted your finances in the past. And, if things weren’t complicated enough – it’s never just as simple as checking your credit rating to decide whether or not you could finance a car.

The finance company would consider the risk here to be very small, so you’re likely to get the finance, even if your credit score could use a little work. Now we know there’s more to getting car finance than simply having a good credit score, it’s worth putting together a quick checklist that will help you make sure you’re in with a good chance of getting the deal you want. It makes sense to do some research before you commit to an application – but it’s not always as simple as quoting a particular credit score number, especially as different lenders work with different scoring systems. Imagine you decide you’d like to apply for finance on a Lamborghini Huracan.

While that helps companies decide whether or not they’d be willing to lend to you – it’s not the full story – and a good credit rating doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a suitable candidate for car finance. That way, you can address any issues that might be present – and give yourself the best chance of bumping your score up before you apply. Different vehicles can represent different levels of risk for lenders – so you might want to do a little research and make sure the car you want is compatible with a finance deal.

Even though we have specialist providers for people who have a poor credit rating, you’re still likely to get a better deal if your credit rating is as positive as possible. With this in mind, you might want to request a copy of your statutory credit report a few months before you’re planning to buy your next car. As such, different lenders will see different numbers, based on which system they use.

On the other hand, TransUnion (previously known as CallCredit) has a system that goes between 0-710 – with the UK average being around 610. You’re in a position to put a large deposit down – so your monthly payment comes down to around £100 per month. While it would be nice to simply quote a number to indicate whether or not your credit score is good enough to buy a car on finance – the credit scoring system isn’t quite that simple.

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